Special Gift For Your Special Persons

Professional Music, Emotinal Speech, say what you have in your heart

“Give Special to your relatives, Royal Gift For Royal People. Natural Shows Your Emotion, Your Respect, Your Importance to Him or Her”


Personalised Gift which Shows your Internal Emotions.
Trust of your Relation Forever

This product is Digital Radio Gadget for your friends or family for Gift purpose. This product will be made for special Demand as per your requirement. This product has Speaker and Radio Channel. When you gift this product to someone they will open first and when this product Radio Music will start automatically. But This is not readymade Radio. This Radio is Pre Planed Made for you only. You can Make Any Subject of Music and Speech what you want to show to your Contact person. This product Has Music System which is only for your contact person. This Product can be use for Birthday Wish, Marriege anniversary, Congratulations, Velentine Day Speech, and many More which is connected with emotional and love of your life.

You can make any subject of this product what you want to hear someone who you speak as same like live speech. and with background music and emotional effect can easly connect your friends and family with you when they will listen this personlised audio msg. In todays generation lots of people using for gift like readymade statue, cake, Mobile, etc. But this product in your life never seen before. Becuase this is specialy made for you guys. and what you want to say about your thought to your lovedone or family member, friends etc you can. This Product Gift is Specially Makes Emotional Touch of your presents. Same Like Real Film of Life when she or he will open this gift and remember you.


Personalised Gift. Memory for lifetime

We will Deliver Your Gift Pack within 15 days of order. if you want delivery this product on birthday, marriege gift, Anniversary please inform early before your time.


days delivery


Speech options


background music


gift with paking


Please note, Minimum 7 Days Require for Composition of your Digital Gift Product. If you require in priority kindly contact first hour Helpline then after purchase. Our Default time will take 4 to 6 days.


60 Second

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Your Own Speech
6 Music Options
Gift in Beutiful Box

Rs 10500

2 Minutes

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1 Female or Male Speech
6 Backgroud Music
Woffer Bass Gift for Better Quality
Gift in Beutiful Box

Rs 21000

4 Minutes

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4 Female or Male Speech
6 Backgroud Music
Woffer Bass Gift for Better Quality
Gift in Beutiful Box