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Music Video Audio Album Making Service

Be a Musical, Make Rockstar Future and Get Change to win your aim from Audience.
Your sooner decision will make your dreams come true.

First Step of your Musical Career

Select Your Song For Studio Recording Process

Either you have wrote song or you want sing a song on Remix Film Song its upto you. In present market all whould be good. Your selected song will be recorded on our Studio recording Set with your Own Voice.

Choose Your Shooting Location

We have total setup of Film Music Album Production. So after completed your Recording Setup we will now provide you best location for your Video Album Shoot.

Your Music Album is Your Success Your Career

Select Co-arstist for your Video Song

For Selection of Models, there are a few different ways of find a Good Model.
Whether you are looking for Video Album Shoot Models, high-fashion Shoot Models, promotional and commercial Shoot Models, or some other type, We will help you to find a Perfect Model for your Entartainment Music Album. Choose from over wide selection of Models and Actors,

Why us for Making a Music Album Video?

Having a music video can help promote your own personality,

Video sites such as YouTube and Facebook. As well as by getting exposure on national television.
A video doesn't need to cost a fortune what's important is having a good idea and working within your budget. Production companies charge a fortune for even the simplest promo video, but you can easily do it with normal rate from

Your Own Music Album song
First things first. You have to choose your song.
While it might make sense to make a video for your upcoming single there are a few other factors to consider: It can take a lot longer than you think to make a video, so by the time; it's finished your single might have come out. It might be an idea to think about making the video for a subsequent single.
Having said that, in these days of internet downloads, any track can be seen as a single, so there might be a track on the album that you have a great idea for a video for, even if that track wasn't originally planned as a single.
Remember that it can take a long time to shoot and edit each second of video so while you might have a good idea for a video for that 10 min epic that closes the album, it might be more practical to shoot a video for the 3 min pop song.

Select Your Plan Make Your Life Aim True

Music Album Production Pricing

Audio Song Package
Rs 24000

Per Song upto 4 minute

Get Started

Recording Studio.
Music Direction.
Corus Team.
Sound Mixing.
Master Track MP3 & WAV.

Video Song Package
Rs 55000

Per Song upto 4 minute

Get Started

Full Set of Film Camara With Lenses.
Camaraman Team.
Lighting Setup.
Makeup Team.
Sound Team.
Supporting Team.
Co-Artist Team.
Trasportation Free under 20Km of Our Setup.